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Kung Pao Noodle Taco

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2nd Quarter 2021

Kaizen is a Japanese Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

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How Many Consumers are Bored With Comfort Food?​

Build Excitement (and Sales) with Olympic-Quality Cuisine

Less is More

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Egg Noodle Omelet

How Many Consumers are Bored With Comfort Food?

58% of Consumers are Bored with Comfort Food. Source: Datassential Simply Smarter, October 2020.

Are you ready to venture out of your quarantine kitchen to create some new flavor adventures? Your customers are. And there is no better starting point than noodles.

Here’s Why!

• While customers leaned into comfort food over the last year, many are growing tired of the old favorites.
• Asian Foods are one of the top items they have missed from restaurants.
• Breakfast is one of the most disrupted dayparts and consumers need a compelling reason to venture out for it. Bringing Asian flavors to breakfast is a great way to do that – with our Ramen Omelet.
• While noodles still fall partially into the comfort category, the complexity of Asian flavors is what your consumers have been missing.

Build Excitement (and Sales) with Olympic-Quality Cuisine

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be here before you know it. This much anticipated event is a great way to create excitement in your restaurants. Don’t serve Asian food? Not ready to change up your menu? There are multiple simple ways to bring the Olympics to Anytown USA.

Olympic Ideas

• Already have Salmon or Shrimp on the menu? Toss and glaze with Asian flavors and serve over a bed of noodles for a gold medal Salmon/Shrimp Teriyaki Noodle offering.
• This year is certainly all about the unexpected. Flavor up some noodles and tuck them inside a hot dog or a burrito, delivering the ultimate in Fusion cuisine. A great way to cheer on Team USA while honoring the host country.
• Use your existing BBQ proteins with noodles to layer up a TexMex Ramen Bowl. Traditional Mexican garnishes already on hand can be included to add flavor and appetite appeal.
• Create digital marketing or printed fliers inviting customers to try your new items during the opening and closing ceremonies.
• Drive repeat traffic by creating a punch-card that offers an additional discount to customers that stop in for both ceremonies and one additional event.
• And of course, make sure your TVs are visible and tuned in for the activities!

Teriyaki Noodles with Salmon

Garlic Noodles with Filet Mignon

Less Is More

One of the many great things about Asian food is its simplicity.   The flavors are deep, but the preparations are simple.  

More Umami

• Many Asian flavors such as soy sauce, teriyaki, fish sauce and seaweed are chock full of umami, the savory fifth taste.

• Be it Yakisoba, Ramen, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Soba Buckwheat, Rice Noodles, or Udon – noodles are the perfect carrier for umami flavors.

• Add on a protein and some bright, fresh vegetables and you have the perfect cravable combination.



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